November 7, 2013

Opening Reception at the PA Arts Experience Gallery

Sue Reno, PAE Gallery, Art Quilts
We had a great opening reception for “Sue Reno - Recent Fiber Works” and “Karen Paust - Edge of the Meadow” at the PA Arts Experience Gallery this past Friday evening.  Here I am striking a pose with my newly completed In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change, left, and In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs.
Marketview Arts Building, York, PA
The Gallery is on the ground floor of the beautifully restored historic Marketview Arts Building in downtown York, PA.
Sue Reno, Art Quilts, PAE Gallery
It has good display spaces and excellent lighting, and I am very pleased with how well my work looks hanging there.  Above is Ginger, left, and Silk Mill #1, right.  Ginger is just glowing on this wall, thanks to all the Mysore silks I used in it--I received a lot of compliments and questions about it. 
SueReno, PAE, BleedingHeart
I was fortunate in being scheduled for the same month as the talented Karen Paust. Her intricate nature themed beadworks and woodland paintings were a pleasure to examine, and we received many comments on the synergy between our bodies of work.  Above is Bleeding Heart and a display of Karen’s work.
Karen Paust, Sue Reno, PAE Gallery
Here is Karen, on the left, next to her incredible beadwork neckpiece on the dress form, and myself, posing in front of my Plume Poppy.  We did not plan to coordinate our outfits!  Plume Poppy looks pretty magnificent in this space--it’s a large work, and needs room to be seen at full advantage.
SueReno, Columbine, KarenPaust, neckpiece
And here is my Columbine, with another of Karen’s neckpieces. 

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of the exhibit.  It will be up through December 3--hours are here.  I am giving an Artist’s Talk this Saturday, November 9th at 11:00 a.m.  If you are in the area I hope you consider stopping by.  You can go to Central Market afterwards:
Sue Reno, art quilts, PAE Gallery, York, PA


Pat's Place said...

Magnificent exhibit! What a great gallery space/lighting & a wonderful artistic accompanyment to your work. As always, your art stand out as strong, unique, and excellently crafted. Congratulations!

Anni Matsick said...

What a fabulous experience! Cool gallery and perfect matching of artists.