September 7, 2012

“The Structures” featured in The Quilt Life Magazine

I can finally share the news I’ve been excited about for some time--my architectural series of art quilts is featured in the latest issue of The Quilt Life Magazine!  It’s a gorgeous 5 page spread, with lots and lots of photos, and I am incredibly happy with how well my work is represented.  Best of all, the text by editor Melissa T. Maher captures exactly my inspiration, motivation, and working process in conceiving and producing this body of work.  My sincere thanks to Melissa and to Editor-in-Chief Jan Magee for their interest, support, and professionalism in bringing my art and ideas to the pages of the magazine.
The October 2012 issue is the Architecture Issue, and it is chock-full of wonderful content for lovers of both fiber and architecture. See the table of contents here, and then go get your copy!
The quilt featured on the first pages of the layout is my Watt & Shand #9, above.  Also featured in the article, and the backdrop for my picture, is Watt & Shand #10, below.
The article mentions that I am continuing my architectural work beyond the Watt & Shand building with new work featuring the historic Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill in Columbia, PA.  I’ve been posting about those quilts as works in progress--you can track it back here-- and I will have more updates on them soon, so stay tuned.  You can also track back the entire journey of the Watt & Shand series by clicking the tab at the top.  And as always, thanks to all for reading, commenting, and supporting my creative endeavors.

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