January 22, 2012

Turkey Hill Point Hike

Turkey Hill is a favorite local destination for a moderate hike, and one that affords great views.  We ventured out recently on a mild January day, and were rewarded with panoramas like this:

The trail  has recently been rerouted due to the construction of two windmills at the top of the rise.  They supply electricity to the nearby Turkey Hill Dairy.
There’s new signage at the overlook, and I learned that the first surveyor of the area, Benjamin Latrobe, went on to work for President Jefferson as the architect of the U.S. Capitol building.
This is a lovely spot, but not a pristine one.  In addition to the windmills, it’s also adjacent to  the large (and well managed) Frey Farm Landfill,   But no matter, the lookout is  wonderful.  I made a small art quilt about it years ago, View from Turkey Hill.  And it's the site of my great pawpaw discovery of '09.
Headed back down the trail:
A portrait of the artist in her natural habitat:
Cool designs from a carved out step into fallen timber:
Four views of a fungus:
It’s a huge and spectacular clump of Chicken of the Woods growing on a stump. It’s unusual in my experience for having a lot of honeysuckle vine incorporated into it:
This variety of fungus can be quite bright and colorful when new, but this one has faded to beautiful, subtle hues:
The patterning is also superb:
A small art quilt from my past, showing Chicken of the Woods in its more common vertical orientation on the side of a living tree:
After our hike, we stopped a favorite local watering hole for a late lunch and a libation:SueReno_TurkeyHillHike11
And from there strolled across the railroad tracks in Marietta for another view of the Susquehanna River from the shoreline.  I never tire of the river.

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Julie Riker said...

Thanks for sharing this Sue. I might have to check that area out for possible plein air painting sites.