January 17, 2012

New Fiber Postcards - “Red Carpet”

I’ve just completed a new set of fiber postcards/mail art pieces.  I’m calling it “Red Carpet”.  It’s based on the magnificent display my red maple tree puts on each year when the leaves drop to the ground, usually all within a day or two.
I did a set on the same subject, “Carpet of Leaves”, way back in 2005, and it was very popular.  Here’s a card from that series:
I thought it was a good time to reprise the theme.  Both sets were made in a similar fashion, starting with a length of white cotton fabric.  I painted the fabric with textile paints and arranged maple leaves on it, then put it out in the bright sunlight to dry.
A heliographic print resulted, as the paint wicked out from under the leaves and the image of the leaves remained.  This was layered with batting and stitched heavily with a variety of specialty threads.SueReno_RedCarpet2
After washing and drying, to intensify the texture of the piece, it was layered again with peltex (a stiffener) and a backing.  Individual 4” x 6” cards were cut, and the edges stitched to reinforce them.  Here are all 25 cards in the “Red Carpet” set:
Some of them will be going out in a swap with my fellow artists over at Postmark’d Art.  I’ve been a member of this group since it’s inception, and have swapped dozens and dozens of cards, but have been on hiatus for the last several swaps due to being overcommitted elsewhere.  I’m happy to be back on board and looking forward to the exchange.

And….drum roll please….the first three in the numbered series of “Red Carpet” cards will be part of my contribution to Foto/Fiber 2012 Fiber Bonus, Virginia Spiegel’s  Fiberart for a Cause fundraiser to benefit The American Cancer Society . I’m so pleased to be a part of this worthwhile effort that I’m raiding my studio for all sorts of goodies--more on that tomorrow!

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Franki said...

I had no idea that you washed your prints after threadpainting! We're not trading this round, so it's good that I have your 2005 version in my collection.