March 14, 2010

Today's Feature: Watt & Shand #7

Today I'm featuring Watt & Shand #7, where I used images from March 2009. The project was nearing completion, with new windows installed--and I think it's wonderful they used operable
double hung windows, just like the originals. To bring further supplies into the building they were using a pulley system to bring things up and hand them in through the windows, and I got really lucky and got the shot I used in this panel:

I used some denim in this quilt, to pay tribute to the construction workers like my leaning man, as well as some wools and hand-dyed silks. I wouldn't have thought going into this project that I could find this many variations on a orange/blue/buff color scheme, but I really enjoyed putting the colors together for this one and making it fresh and vibrant.
The other activity readily visible from the street that month was the installation of a new balustrade, custom made to replicate the original. I like the angles of the cranes in relation to the building.
Here's a couple of the photographs I worked from. Notice the peeling paint and exposed lathe
on the adjacent building on this one, as well as the veins in the marble:

This shot of the cranes was a bit challenging to work with, as the angle of the sun washed out a lot of detail, but with some photo editing work it transformed into a particularly nice cyanotype print that almost looks like a line drawing:
If you are new here, you can track back the evolution of this series by clicking on Watt & Shand under Labels in the right sidebar. And if you are going to be in the vicinity of Lancaster, PA in the coming weeks, I hope you will join me for a reception at the Arts Hotel Gallery on 3/19 from 6-8, or 3/25 from 5-8, or 4/2 from 5-8.

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