September 18, 2009

Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill - further update

I've posted previously about the beautiful ruins of the former Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill, in Columbia, PA, and the plans to turn it into a tourist attraction. Various project approvals have come through, and site work has begun. The biggest visual change is the removal of the remnants of window glass. Compare this shot, above, with the previous pictures from last November.
Above is the view from the east, looking down the length of the building; below is the front view. I liked the way it looked with the reflections from the fragments of glass earlier, but I also like with the clean sculptural lines it now presents. And just like with the Watt & Shand facade, I'm really enthralled with the way it still reads as a structure, but you can see blue sky clear through it. I also like the areas where vegetation has claimed a foothold.

Below is the view from the west, where some of the post and beam framing still stands. You can read an article about the progress of the project in the local paper here; they've hit a snag upon finding ground water contamination but are moving ahead.

And finally, a view of the water tower at the back of the site, with migrating hawks circling overhead:As soon as I can free up some time, I plan to start a new series of works using these photos. Stay tuned!


Gerrie said...

I love the grid in the ruins. Can't wait to see what you do.

SewCalGal said...

Actually, I'm glad to see that the powers at be will try to save this building and turn it into a tourist attraction. I just wish it had been saved years ago, and I hope, given they are working on it now, they can save this building & piece of history. But I don't understand why they took the windows down.

Still, I can't wait to see what you do with this idea for a project. I'm sure it will be beautiful.


Sue Reno said...

The windows were beyond restoration--actually, I'm impressed that any of this is salvagable. It's going to be interesting to watch the process.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful subject! Looking forward to seeing your next creations!


Vivien said...

Can't wait to see what you create! It's fun to watch you create pieces inspired by architecture and nature.