July 23, 2009

Vintage Wading Animals

It's summertime, and it's raining --it's been a very wet season here--and I've used that as a springboard to rummage through my collection of vintage textiles looking for water themed images to share. Above is a nicely executed embroidered stag, standing in a very generic puddle. Below is his offspring, a Bambi clone, getting a drink while his Thumper-clone friend gazes on with extreme admiration and approval:
Below is one of my very favorite vintage table runners, with a girl squirrel (obligingly wearing a pink ribbon, so we can tell) rafting out on a water lily to meet her floating mate. I love the implied story and general weirdness of this one: Here's a pair of what are presumably technicolor doves, hanging out in a spiffy fountain:

And last but not least a kitten, somewhat amateurly stitched, that is lounging out by the goldfish pond. You can guess the ending to this story.

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