April 13, 2009

Testing--New Fiber Postcards

I'm playing around with the new machine, learning what it's capable of, and resetting my muscle memory reactions to match its speed and sensitivity. Just for fun, I did a short set of new fiber art postcards. I'm calling them "Testing", and that's number #1 matted above. Below is the set of all six.
These are similar to a set of Recycled cards I did last July that I enjoyed making, and people enjoyed receiving. I keep a fabric and batting "sandwich" next my machine that I use to test out stitches, threads and thread tensions, etc. After a time it get covered with experiments and I start a new one, but the old one has such cool random colors and textures it cries out to be used. In this set, I layered yarn, strips of netting recycled from prom dress alterations, and a layer of thin chiffon on the sandwich, then tested some different threads to see how the machine handled them. I added stiffener and a backing, cut them to size, and stitched the edges. The machine performed wonderfully, and the cards turned out well.
I'm starting to think about amassing cards for the upcoming swaps at Postmark'd Art and Art2Mail. They are a nice way to try out ideas, a lot of fun to make, and I love exchanging them. Plus, some of the extras will likely end up over at the Studio Sale Blog.

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