October 3, 2008

Watt and Shand Summer Update

There's been a lot of progress made on the renovation of the Watt and Shand building in Lancaster since I last posted about it in May. (If you're new here, or just want to refresh your memory, click on the Watt and Shand label to the right to track back.)

The biggest change visually was that by June construction had progressed to the point where the scaffolding was no longer needed to hold up the facade. It was a lot of fun watching them de-weld the joints--all those sparks!

It reminded me of taking apart an Erector set:

In July the scaffold continued to come down. I like all the angled elements in this photo:

I was sorry to see all of the cool angles and shadows of the scaffolding go, but it did free things up for better views of all the details on the facade. The workers often wave and watch me taking pictures:

By August the emphasis was on adding floors to the new construction:

Here's the curved window that so captivated me at the beginning of the project. The view into it has changed considerably. I'm beginning to wonder what it will be like on the inside, looking out. Hopefully it will be part of a public room and I'll get the chance sometime.

In September it continued to rise and acquire windows:

Yesterday they lifted the final beam to top off the structural work. You can read an article in the local paper about it here.

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