October 1, 2008

Open Your Heart With Quilting

Some time ago I was contacted by Kelly Smith. She had seen my work at Sacred Threads, and asked I would like to be interviewed for possible inclusion in a book she had in the works. Her project looked interesting, and I was happy to answer some questions for her and sign a release.

A few weeks ago a complimentary copy of the book Open Your Heart With Quilting arrived. It's an enjoyable and interesting read. (I'm not really self-promoting here--I am but one of many contributors.) It's not just an instruction/resource book--although there are some basic instructions for beginners--but rather an overview of how to "Use what you know and love to improve your life". The back cover suggests that quilting will allow you to "explore your creativity" and "deepen your spiritual connection to the universe". I'm all for that!

One of my quotes in the book references a quilt I made while healing from surgery a few years ago. At the time, working on Skunk Cabbage and Possum was challenging and difficult, but the creative process helped me transcend any temporary physical limitations, and I've long since stopped thinking of this work in that context. And despite the skull imagery, it's a rather cheerful work, in my opinion.

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