September 7, 2008

More Catalpa Prints

The weather is spectacular, clear and dry and sunny, and I took advantage of it to make a couple of quick heliograhic prints. I'm using catalpa leaves I gathered some time ago. I don't usually use dried leaves, but when I gathered them conditions were not conducive, so it had to wait.

These are on silk twill, which has a bit more body than silk charmeuse, but still wicks the paint around in wonderful ways, and has a lovely sheen.


Laura McGrath said...

I don't understand your process, and don't have the money for a DVD, but I moved to a house last October with two huge catalpa trees on the property and am definitely going to be using the leaves for some type of printing this summer. They are so inspirational just because of their size. I'm hoping my quilt guild or library purchases your DVD so I can borrow it!

Sue Reno said...

Hi Laura,

Just get some paint and start experimenting, and I'm sure you will find your way. There's a lot of possibilities with these wonderful leaves!