December 29, 2016

Art Quilt added to the Visions of the Susquehanna River Art Collection

In Dreams I Flew Over the River, by Sue Reno
In Dreams I Flew Over the River
I am very happy to announce that In Dreams I Flew Over the River is now a permanent part of the Visions of the Susquehanna River Art Collection, housed in the Zimmerman Center for Heritage.  It's been on loan to the collection for several years, while funds were raised for its purchase.
Rob Evans, Sue Reno, Mark Platts at Zimmerman Center
That purchase is now complete, thanks to the efforts of Rob Evans (l), Curator, Mark Platts (r), President, and Betsy Buckingham, Development and Outreach Director.
In Dreams I Flew Over the River at Zimmerman Center for Heritage
I truly can't imagine a better home for this artwork.  The goals of the Zimmerman Center are perfectly in tune with my goals and aspirations in creating my river-themed pieces.  The Center has recently been designated by the National Park Service as a Visitor Contact Station for the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail, adding to its prestige and visibility. The other works in the Visions of the Susquehanna River Art Collection are magnificent and significant, and I am both proud and humbled to have my work join them. If you find yourself in the Lancaster/York County part of Pennsylvania, be sure to view the Collection, hike the trail, and check out the other attractions that comprise the Susquehanna Heritage.
Zimmerman Center for Heritage, Susquehanna River
Above is the Zimmerman Center building, with its great view of the Susquehanna; below is a fisheye image of the river with choppy ice forming.

Susquehanna River at Zimmerman Center, fisheye
Below is another fisheye image of some cattails growing on the banks of the river:
Cattails, Susquehanna River at Zimmerman Center, fisheye
And here's a panorama of the Susquehanna, with chunky ice and swooping clouds.  Click to enlarge for maximum appreciation:
Susquehanna River, Zimmerman Center, panorama
Did you know--In Dreams I Flew Over the River began as a literal dream?  I've lived near the Susquehanna most of my life, and it apparently features heavily in both my conscious and subconscious mind.  I woke from a dream one day with this imagery and theme very vividly apparent, and was driven to stop everything and make this art quilt.  You can track back the story by clicking here.

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mckittycat said...

Congratulations Sue. It's a beautiful piece. I hope someday to get back to that part of The States. Mary Ann

KAM said...

Congratulations on having this piece purchased as a part of the permanent collection. Your river pieces have always spoken to me and following your processes and completion of each one when posted on your blog has been a delight for me.

judy momenzadeh said...

Congratulations Sue, well deserved!

Martha Ginn said...

Congratulations on In Dreams I Flew Over the River being permanently settled in its forever home. (I'm a foster cat mama and think in terms of forever homes!)
I enjoyed reading about your 52-week project and posted a comment there which related to this post. Sorry I was so late reading about that project, but I love the idea of this series. I also discovered Clara Nartly by reading that post.
I found how to follow you by email (new computer) so perhaps I won't be so long gone again.

Clara Nartey said...

Congrats Sue. I'm so happy for you. Your patience is remarkable.

Hello Martha Ginn. Isn't is amazing how the internet is connecting all of us? :-)

Best wishes for the new year.

Franki Kohler said...

Congratulations! Great way to end the year!