September 5, 2016

Plein Air at the Govenor's Residence, redux

Magnolia, by Sue Reno
 Remember Magnolia? I began the center panel of this artquilt working plein air at the PA Governor's Residence last September. You can read all about it in my previous blog posts here.

I had such a great experience the first time, I jumped at the chance to do it again.  I'll be at the Art in the Garden event, part of the Second Sunday series at the Governor's Residence, this coming Sunday, September 11, from 1 - 6 pm. The Residence is at 2035 N. Front St., Harrisburg, PA.  Weather permitting, I'll be outside near the Rose Garden.

I learned a lot from my from my extemporaneous creative involvement last year, and this time I will be well prepared.  I pre-made a couple of background panels, with wool, machine needlefelted on wool/rayon felt.  That way I can get right to laying out whateve scene I chose to work on.

felting backgrounds

Part of the joy of an event like this is talking and interacting with visitors.  Fiber art is still a novel artistic media to many people, so education and outreach are always part of my goals.  In the "never throw anything out" department, I remembered I had some step-outs I had made for my felting demo on Quilting Arts TV.

felting flip book pages
 With a bit of tweaking I was able to repurpose them into a flip book, showing the steps I use to built up a typical felted and stitched panel.  Textile work is very tactile and tempting to touch, so this way interested visitors can see and handle the work
felting flip book by Sue Reno

It's like magic!
felting flip book gif by Sue Reno
If you are in the area, I would love to see you in the garden on Sunday.  If all goes according to plan, I will be live tweeting and Instagraming and Facebook-ing, so check in on your social media of choice:

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Instagram: sue_reno_studio 

As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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