July 19, 2015

Art of the State, and the Susquehanna at Harrisburg

Sue Reno, Art of the State, In Dreams I Learned to Swim, Image 1
I went to Harrisburg, PA today to visit the State Museum of Pennsylvania and see the Art of the State exhibit, where my In Dreams I Learned to Swim is on display through September 13. I had missed the opening because I was traveling, so I didn’t have the thrill of the crowd, but it was nice to have the time and space to view the exhibit at my leisure.
Sue Reno, Art of the State, In Dreams I Learned to Swim, Image 2 This is a large art quilt, 60” x 80”, and it was such a pleasure to see it so well displayed and properly lit.  It had room to breath.
Sue Reno, Art of the State, In Dreams I Learned to Swim, Image 3 I hadn’t had the chance to view it from a distance before, and I was gratified to see that it held up well and commanded attention from afar. 
Sue Reno, Art of the State, In Dreams I Learned to Swim, Image 4 Even from the other side of the gallery it caught the eye.

As always it’s an excellent and interesting exhibit—do go if you are in the area.  One nice feature is in addition to the complete paper catalog, there are kiosks where it is easy to bring up an artist and read their statement.  The images are also available online here.

Sue Reno, Art of the State, Catalog Afterwards we went to The Millworks for a late lunch. It’s a new restaurant, with an emphasis on local, sustainable food and craft beverages, combined with artist’s studios in a remodeled/repurposed industrial space.  Both the food and the ambiance were very good, and I plan to return.  On the way out I stopped in the communal gallery/gift shop, and bought a bag of roving to use in needlefelting.. I grew up near Halifax, and I was charmed by the mention by name of her angora bunny. 
Kara Frech, roving
We then went over to Front St., parked, and took the pedestrian bridge to City Island.  It was oppressively hot and humid, but I wanted to take photos for my new project, 52 Ways to Look at the River.  (Read about its inception here.)  The architecture of the bridge is wonderful through the fisheye lens:
Sue Reno, City Island, Image 2 And I liked the archways on the nearby bridges:
Sue Reno, City Island, Image 3
But for this week's inspiration photo I chose this shot, looking across from City Island to the city of Harrisburg:
Sue Reno, City Island, Image 1 I came home, cooled down, and used my new roving in the panel inspired by the photo.  The panel is 6” x 12”, on a base of rayon/wool felt.  I am trying to keep them simple, a sort of sketch in fiber, and not overwork them.  Even so, each one so far has taken about 90 minutes to make.  Fiber is a slow medium. 
Sue Reno, 52 Ways, Panel 3
A good day!


Maggi said...

Your work shows very well there, a lovely piece. Thank you for the link to the Flickr site, I've just spent an enjoyable coffee break browsing.

KAM said...

I have loved this piece since it was first shown on your blog while under construction. Great photos and lovely to see it from many vantage points. I hope that it will find a good home one day where many folks can see and appreciate it.
The new piece from the photo looks like it will be another fine piece of art.