February 16, 2015

Work in Progress – Ice Jam, Update 4

Susquehanna River Ice
Bitter cold, various types of frozen precipitation,  and intense winds are shaping my experience of the world this month.  The Susquehanna River has frozen over, once again transforming the landscape.  It’s a good time to be in the studio, with the warmth of the coal fire, and finish up with Ice Jam. Sue Reno, Ice Jam, Work In Progress, Image 6
I finalized the design and pieced together the supporting quilt, using the collagraph prints and strips of patchwork.  The center portion is plain fabric, as it will be covered by the needlefelted river center panel. 
Sue Reno, Ice Jam, Work In Progress, Image 7
It’s definitely coming together at this point.  The background quilt is being layered and stitched, and the center panel is getting lots of handbeadwork.  Stay tuned for the reveal!

To see the evolution of this work in progress, and pictures of the Susquehanna River ice that inspired it, click on Ice Jam in the sidebar, or go here.


Anonymous said...

I am lost in the beautiful images of this work in progress. Thank you for sharing your studio with your followers.

KAM said...

Sue...The color palette you are working with for this piece relates the sense of cold to the viewer. What a great background for the printed images in the central area. Thanks so much for bringing your readers and followers along with you on this creative process and journey to another beautiful work of art.