November 4, 2014

Silk Mill #2 acceptance in Materials: Hard and Soft

I am very pleased to announce that my Silk Mill #2 has been accepted into Materials:Hard & Soft.
Sue Reno, Silk Mill #2
From the website: This annual competition and exhibition of contemporary crafts was started in 1987 and is now in it’s 28th year. Recognized nationally,Materials: Hard & Soft attracts hundreds of entries from every state in the union. Nationally recognized jurors select the show from slides and then award $5000 in prize money. The juror has always selected the winning pieces on-site. A catalog is printed. This year’s juror is Ana M. Lopez.
Sue Reno, Silk Mill #2, detail 1 I am always particularly happy when my work is accepted for a fine craft exhibit, as I feel it is a good fit for the work that I do.  The exhibit runs from February 6 through April 2, 2015, at the Greater Denton Arts Council in Denton, TX. 
Sue Reno, Silk Mill #2, detail 2 This work is based on a photograph I took of the dilapidated Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill, in Columbia, PA, just before a renovation project transformed a portion of it into the Turkey Hill Experience.  I was rather overwhelmed with the beauty of the architecture, and the way the light poured through the broken windows.  I made three quilts, to date, based on my photos.  Silk Mill #1 is currently touring with the Tactile Architecture Exhibit of the International Quilt FestivalSilk Mill #3 was purchased by the State Museum of Pennsylvania and is now part of their permanent fine art collection.  You can track them all back as works in progress, and see my photos of the silk mill, by clicking on the Silk Mill tab in the header, or by clicking here.
Sue Reno, Silk Mill #2 photo As always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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