September 26, 2014

Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt

It’s here!  My Quilting Arts Workshop Video, Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt, is available for pre-order. 
Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt
You can see a quick intro clip, read all about it, and pre-order a DVD and download bundle here.

This special package is available for a limited time only.

In this Workshop I give very clear and complete demonstrations of four of my favorite surface design techniques: cyanotype, collagraph, heliographic, and Thermofax printing.  I also show you how to incorporate your printed fabrics into art quilt designs, and it’s all illustrated with examples of my award-winning work.

To give you a feel for it, check out these 5 tips on my collagraph process as featured on the Quilting Daily Blog.
Sue Reno, QATV Workshop,  collagraph process
My goal as a teacher is to empower artists and quiltmakers to find their unique voice and follow their vision.  I want to help you make work that is relevant to your life and your worldview, and have a grand time doing it!  With this video I bring my knowledge and experience right to you, where you can learn, and review, at your own pace. 

I’ll have more to share about Surface Design Essentials for the Printed Quilt in the weeks to come, so stayed tuned.

To get a glimpse of what it was like to film the video, see my previous blog post here, or click on the QATV tab above.
Sue Reno, QATV Workshop,  filming set up
As always, thanks for reading and commenting.  And if you have a friend who would enjoy this Workshop, please pass along the news. Thanks!

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