October 2, 2013

Interview on the SAQA Blog

Sue Reno, In Dreams I Flew Over the River, art quilt
SAQA, Studio Art Quilts Associates, revealed their newly revamped website today, and it’s wonderful.  It has a clean look, is comprehensive, easy to navigate, and does a great job of featuring the art, exhibits and publications of its members.  My thanks and congratulations to all involved in updating the site.  I’ve been a Studio Artist Member of SAQA for many years, and the benefits just keep increasing.

I was interviewed earlier this year by Clairan Ferrono, and I’m honored and delighted that the interview is now up on the blog that is integrated into the site.  It was great working with Clairan, and I’m very happy with how well the interview turned out. Take a few minutes to read and enjoy; you can access it directly here.  

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Vivien Zepf said...

I'll have to go check it out; congrats!