March 6, 2013

Rabbit and Maple - New Work in Progress


I’ve been hunkered down in the studio, waiting for the weather to break, and it looks like I will need to wait a bit longer.  I’ve been channeling my spring fever into a  rush of new work, including some additions to my Flora and Fauna series.  The series concerns the life cycle of the wild mammals in my immediate surroundings.  The parameters Ive set for the works are the inclusion of a cyanotype print of the skull of the animal, a print of a plant that I associate with the animal, and some type of vintage needlework.
Rabbits abound here in the woodsy suburbs, and one memorable spring there was a nest of them under my big red maple tree in the front yard.  So I began this piece by making cyanotype prints of maple branches.  The top photo is of the branch held flat under a sheet of glass as the treated fabric is being exposed for the print.  The next photo is of the resultant print.
Above is the print after being layered with batting and a back and heavily stitched. 
Up next--the rabbit!  Stay tuned.  And as always, thanks for reading and commenting.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful cyanotype. Look forward to seeing the rest of the elements.