July 4, 2012

Work in Progress - Silk Mill #2

I’ve been working on a new quilt, Silk Mill #2. It follows my Silk Mill #1, which is currently on display with Images 2012 at the Robeson Gallery. Both are based on pictures I took of the abandoned Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill in Columbia, PA, shortly before its renovation and partial conversion to a tourist attraction for the Turkey Hill Dairy.
  I was fascinated and attracted by the patterns made by the missing window panes, with blue sky showing through them, and used this image as the basis for a thermofax screen.  I screen printed the images in several colors.
I also used the image to order digitally printed silk yardage, which I’ve cut and used in the piecing.
I made good progress on the quilting today and hope to finish it up soon.  Silk Mill #3 is up on the design wall and awaiting my attention.  To track back this new series, and see lots of pictures of this architectural gem, click on “Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill” under Labels on the right sidebar, or click here.

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