September 27, 2011

Ginger in Progress

Remember “Ginger”?  All those luscious silks?  I started it earlier in the year, before my trip to India, and got the top pieced together before I left.  I’m back at work on it now, and am enjoying the process greatly.  I’ve got it all basted:
SueReno_Ginger in Progress 5
Yes, that’s hand basting, and a lot of it.  Did you know there is such a thing as basting thread?  It’s made from short staple cotton.  “Staple” is a measure of the length of the individual fibers.  Long staple cotton, like Pima, or Egyptian types, commands a premium because it is smooth and luxurious and holds up well over time.  Basting thread is just the opposite.  It holds up well enough for the time it takes to do the quilting, but when it’s time to remove it, the short fibers break readily and pull out of the quilt without a lot of resistance, making the job much easier.
SueReno_Ginger in Progress 6
I’m trying something new and using a wool batt.  I want to maximize the amount of reflection I can get from the silks, so I want each stitch to make a good sized dimple in the quilt.  Wool batting has more loft than cotton--the fibers are springier.  And so far, it’s been quite pleasant to work with, with a nice feel and a good response under the needle.
SueReno_Ginger in Progress 7
I’m making good progress on quilting the leaf image in the center panel.  I’ve got a lot of projects on my metaphorical plate all of a sudden, so by necessity I am skipping around a bit, but this one is such a pleasure I’m doing my best to find time to work on it. 

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Gerrie said...

I don't know if my comment posted - That background is gorgeous.