August 3, 2011

Modern India - Shivanasamudra Falls

SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 1
On our road trip to Mysore, the driver recommended a side jaunt to Shivanasamudra Falls.  Almost an hour’s drive on bumpy roads through small agricultural villages brought us to the site.  The initial view was encouraging, and we proceeded down a set of steps to two viewing platforms.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 2
The Kaveri river splits around a large island into a series of falls, then joins up again at the base. 
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 3
It’s magnificent.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 4
The falls run year round, and the river powers a nearby hydroelectric plant.  It was the first one built in Asia, in 1902, and the power initially went to the Kolar Gold Fields.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 5
I’ve seen my share of waterfalls, but nothing to compare with this.  The way the falls broke up over the rocks was mesmerizing.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 8

A quick video:
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 7

Another quick video:
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 9
Plus, there were monkeys.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 10
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 11
Back at the parking area, we paused for some tender coconut water.  Anyone who has visited the tropics will know this drill--for a small price, the vendor will lop the top off an immature coconut with a machete, and hand it to you so you can enjoy the coconut water inside.  It’s generally safe from contamination, although the savvy traveller carries their own straws, and very refreshing and hydrating.
SueReno_Shivanasamudra Falls 12
On the way back to the road to Mysore, through more small villages, we shared the road with the occasional tractor, but more often teams of oxen pulling carts.  My favorite vignette was a very old man, dressed in a dhoti, riding a bicycle, and herding a large flock of black goats along the road.  He was also talking on his mobile phone.  It seemed symbolic of the ways things have changed, and not changed, since I was last here. 


Vivien Zepf said...

I'm so thankful you're sharing this. I've never been to India, but we're definitely getting a wonderful sneak peek. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your travels are visually inspiring...the photos are great to see but the video clip really lets me know not only the sights but sounds of being there! Powerful...thanks, joni

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

What a beautiful country and what a great experience!