May 3, 2011

Groundhog and Green Bean selected for "State of the Art"

 I've received word that Groundhog and Green Bean has been selected for The Studio Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art by  noted artist, critic, curator and author Sandra Sider, to be published later this year.
 The list of included artists (see below) reads like a who's-who of fiber artists and art quilters that I admire, and I'm thrilled to be included in such esteemed company.
 Groundhog and Green Bean is from my newest series, Flora and Fauna, where I am working with the skulls and bones of local wildlife.  For this piece, I started with extreme close-up photographs of the groundhog skull, taken from several angles.   Below is the view looking down into the interior of the skull:
 From that photo I prepared a transparency, which functions as a large negative for making the cyanotype print:
And here is the resultant print, which I flipped when designing the quilt.

You can track it back as a work in progress by clicking on "Groundhog and Green Bean" under labels in the right sidebar.

Here's the list of artists, with congratulations to all.

The Studio Quilt, no. 6: State of the Art
List of Artists and Quilts:

Annie Helmericks-Louder, Outlaw Jackrabbit
Aryana Londir, Compartments #1
Barbara Wills, Land Marks #36
Benedicte Caneill, Units #9: Cityscape
Bonnie Smith, View from Above
Camilla Pearce, Rustbelt Shade Garden
Carolyn Carson, Deborah’s Decision
Catherine Smith, Grey Hay
Charlotte Ziebarth, Urban Reflections #2: Lake Merritt Series
Clairan Ferrono, Darkness Surrounds Us
Deborah Bein, Roots
Deborah Fell, Witness Trees
Deborah Weir, Daylily
Denise Linet, Garden in Blue
Diane Savona, Looted Artifacts
Eileen Lauterborn, Breaking News
Erika Carter, Cradle 6
Ezther Bornemisza, Pending Matters
Gay Lasher, Abstraction I
Gloria Hansen, Lost in Illusion
Grace Errea, Le Chapeau Extraordinaire
Holly Altman, Tidal Pool After the Storm
Jamie Fingal, Apron as Personal Armor
Jean Judd, Contaminated Water #1
Jennifer Day, Old Hands
Jette Clover, White Wall 2
Jill Rumoshosky Werner, Dispensed
Jo-Ann Golenia, Push
Joan Sowada, Fall Line Up
Judith Plotner, Soul of an Iris II
Judy Langille, Splintered Forms
Julia E. Pfaff, Contours V
K. Velis Turan, Major Deegan 2
Katherine Allen, Peace Like a River
Kathleen McCabe, Protea
Kathy Nida, Primal Scream
Kim Lakin, Rio
Leisa Rich, Architects in Flux
Linda Robertus, Magnificence
Louise Schiele, Gecko
Marcia Decamp, Jet Trails #10
Margaret Brown, Alike But Not the Same
Marianne R. Williamson, Babbling Brook
Marlene Parillo, Faces
Mary Pal, Homeless Love
Mary Vaneecke, Circlesss III
Melisse Laing, Seeing the Light
Micaela Fitzsimmons, The Road Home
Nancy Cook, Kousa: A New Dogwood’s in Town
Olga Norris, Snagged
Pat Owoc, Return
Patricia Gould, Coastal Symphony
Sarah Smith, Joshua
Sheree Rasmussen, Night Wind
Sue Reno, Groundhog and Green Bean
Susan Schrott, Fiddler on the Couch
Tiziana Raveri, Unstable Balance
Virginia Speigel, Boundary Waters 51
Wen Redmond, Perception of Trees
Yael Cohen, Mystery


Vivien Zepf said...

Excellent; excellent! Only appropriate that you're part of a "who's who" list of artists!

Sam's mom said...

well deserved. wish it were an exhibit i could see, but i'll settle for a book!--Eleanor Levie

Sue Reno said...

Thanks Vivien and Eleanor! I appreciate your support.