April 10, 2011

New Work - Columbine

  Early spring seems like a propitious time to unveil images of my latest work,Columbine, part of my ongoing series The Garden.  I was able to capture the delicacy of the flowers and seedpods using the cyanotype process on silk, and I used many silk solids and plaid fabrics in the pieced sections.
 The lustre of the silk came through well in the photos, as did the texture from the intensive stitching. 
I'm very happy with the color combinations and transitions in this piece.
 The columbines in my garden are blue flowered volunteers that drifted over from a neighbor's yard.  They pop up in unexpected places and they are always welcome.  The foliage is currently emerging, and I am impatiently awaiting the return of the blossoms.
You can track back this piece as a work in progress by clicking on "Columbine" under Labels in the right sidebar.
As always, thanks for reading, and I hope your spring, or fall, is filled with natural wonders.


Julia Kelly said...

love the color and the stitching- nice job!

Cindy Russell said...

Lovely! As usual your work is pure delight to view. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this piece.

Sue Reno said...

Thank you Julia and Cindy, your comments are much appreciated.

Anni Matsick said...

A very rich experience for the eye! Sumptuous stitching and fascinating interplay of color.