March 28, 2011

Watt & Shand #7 Accepted for "New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts.”

 I'm very pleased to announce that Watt & Shand #7 has been accepted for the 29th annual New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts  Exhibit at the Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado (formerly known as"Fabric of Legacies").  The exhibit will run from October 7th to November 13th.  The Lincoln Center is undergoing an $8 million dollar renovation, including a brand new art gallery, so it promises to be an outstanding venue.

Watt & Shand #7 features one of my favorite pictures from the entire renovation project--the Leaning Man.  I love all the lines, angles, and contrasting textures in this image:
 It was a fortuitous walk-by shooting, as they were hoisting construction supplies up to a temporary scaffolding , and this worker equipped with a safety harness was poised to receive them.  Here's the original snapshot, where I hit the shutter button at just the right moment:
 Here's the same photo after a bit of digital manipulation. I've cropped it to the area of interest, lightened it, increased the contrast, and upped the saturation.  It looks a bit garish here, but that's necessary when printing on fabric--some of the ink is absorbed by the fiber, so you need to start with an excess:
 Here's another lucky shot, although at first I thought it was too dark and unworkable: 
 But through the  magic of photo manipulation, I was able to come with a image that gave me this delicate cyanotype print:
If you are new here, you can read more about the Watt & Shand series either on my website, or by clicking on "Watt & Shand" under Labels in the right sidebar and scrolling back through my blog posts about the works in progress.


Julia Kelly said...

Very cool! And the little bit of "how to" was interesting- Have family near Ft. Collins so will try and get to the show to see it in person!

Gerrie said...


Claude Larson said...

HI Sue,

I really like this piece. It looks like a great mix of altered photos and your superb quilting.

Claude Larson

Quilt Inspiration said...

This is a wonderful piece.... we really enjoyed seeing it ! Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Love the architectural theme, and the border is truly inspired. Altogether a stunning piece - congratulations !