October 2, 2009

Arts Orientation Center Sneak Peak

Tonight is the "Sneak Peak" opening of the Arts Orientation Center, a bricks-and-mortar home for the Pennsylvania Arts Experience in beautiful downtown Lancaster, PA. It's a stunning space that has just been renovated to showcase the works of local artists, including myself (that's my Fireball on the center left of the card) and provide "a regional hub for the Arts and Culture". Here's the details of tonight's exciting opening:
Unfortunately, I will not be there, except in spirit. I am recovering from the a bout of H1N1, and will be doing my civic duty by continuing my self-imposed quarantine so as not to take a chance of spreading the virus. Happily, my work will be there, so if you have the opportunity to stop by, check out my River Hills Mushrooms:

Here's a detail shot:

Lancaster is becoming a thriving arts community, and there is LOTS to see and experience tonight at the First Friday event. Check it out, have fun, and come back again in two weeks for the fall Artwalk, when I plan to be back in action and at the Arts Orientation Center.


Kristin L said...

Looks like a wonderful show. Your art has been out and about quite a bit lately! Yippee.

Get well soon.

Diane D. said...

Sue, I hope you're all better soon. Congrats on being in yet another wonderful exhibit.