August 16, 2009

Plume Poppy Beadwork

I've just spent two days intensively bead embellishing Plume Poppy. I love the meditative state beading induces, and I'm very happy about the way the beadwork enhances the imagery. Above is a quick snapshot of the beadwork and stitching on the cyanotype plume; below is a shot of an actual plume in bloom right now in my garden--how do you like my interpretation?

Here's a few shots of the plume poppy leaves. I love them for their color and texture, but most of all for their size and shape and graceful presence in the garden.

On this one you can see the small bits that drop off the tiny blossoms in the plume as they mature:
I am almost done with this quilt; stay tuned for the big reveal as soon as I can get it photographed. As always, you can follow the evolution of this work by clicking on "Plume Poppy" in the Labels sidebar on the right.


Gerrie said...

The beading is beautiful. And very intentional!

Pat's Place said...

Hi, Sue ~ As usual, you've done an amazing job of interpreting a lovely plant into a stunning quilt. That plant is one I've never seen nor heard of - it's elegant in blooming but the leaves are quite lovely in and of themselves. Can't wait to see the whole quilt revealed!

Terry said...

Very delicate and ethereal. Beautiful. I'm not a fan of gratuitous beading, but as Gerrie said, this is very intentional and really works. Can't wait to see the whole piece.

Judy Alexander said...

Great interpretation and I love the beading!