January 5, 2009

Geese at Grubb Lake

I stretched my legs with a winter's day hike around Grubb Lake. The lake is a former iron quarry, that supplied the raw material to the Henry Clay furnace featured a few posts ago.
While I was there, several large contingents of migrating Canada Geese flew in and landed, to the accompaniment of much honking, quacking and flapping from the geese and ducks already in residence.

You can see some of them standing on thin ice,

which was just beginning to form around the edges in the shadier spots.

Something new to me was the wholesale shedding of bark from dead trees--I saw this in several different spots. It must have been some combination of rain, freezing temperatures, and recent very high winds that caused large sheets of bark to fall off en masse.

Last but not least, an attractive burl.

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