July 20, 2021

Experiments in wet cyanotype - part 67

Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 863
I had so much fun with my first foray into using vintage textiles as a background for wet cyanotype/solarfast printmaking that I gave it another go. This time I used a cheerful red and green embroidered table runner, on a thinner and more firmly woven cotton. 
Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 864
I used a combination of bleeding heart and wood poppy leaves.
Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 865
Here are the two prints after exposure, but before rinse out.
Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 866

 And below are the finished prints. I think they are lovely! Still just a bit too much blue on the embroidery, but the rest of the effects are so wonderful I didn't want to take a chance with messing with it further.
Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 867
And this is the beauty of open-ended experimentation. You get better at your process, and you can surprise yourself. 

Sue Reno_wet cyanotype_Image 868
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sylviaweir.wordpress.com said...

Those are wonderful and it is nice to see the progress photos.