May 29, 2018

New Work in Progress - Heat Lightning

Heat Lightning, by Sue Reno, WIP Image 1
 I started a new quilt late last fall, using some of the wet cyanotype prints I'd made over the summer. Some of the prints were featured in previous blogs, see here and here.
Heat Lightning, by Sue Reno, WIP Image 2

Heat Lightning, by Sue Reno, WIP Image 3
 Others were made specifically for an article on wet cyan I did for the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine:
Heat Lightning, by Sue Reno, WIP Image 4
 I need to take a moment here to lament the demise of this magazine...the editors and publisher were very, very good to me, publishing my work multiple times. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I was and remain very appreciative. But this is a loss to the greater quilting and creative community as a whole; it was a very good quality magazine. I understand the market forces behind the closure, but I am still saddened.
Heat Lightning, by Sue Reno, WIP Image 5
So. I began as I often do, layering up these prints with batting and a thin muslin backing, and doing the first round of quilting on them while they are small and manageable.

I chose the name, Heat Lightning, because so many of them look electrified. The backgrounds on them remind me of the phenomenon I always understood to arise from heat and humidity in summer months. I've now learned that it's not real. Science to the rescue:

I'm always so happy to learn something new! Still sticking with the name, though.

More to follow.

May 2, 2018

Vividly Yours Exhibit at Creative York

In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change, by Sue Reno
In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change
I am pleased to announce that three of my art quilts are included in the exhibit, Vividly Yours, at the Creative York Gallery, York PA. The exhibit runs from May 3rd to June 16th, with an opening reception on the 3rd from 6 - 8. I will be attending, and I hope to see some of my local friends there.
In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs, by Sue Reno
In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs
 My work in the exhibit includes In Dreams I Climbed the Cliffs, In Dreams I Saw the Colors Change - both from my series The River- and The Organic Landscape from The Garden series.  All work is for sale.
The Organic Landscape, by Sue Reno
The Organic Landscape
 Vividly Yours is a group exhibit showcasing available works by some of the artists that were featured in our Art In Residence: Vivid event in April – a one-night-only exhibit of works from privately-owned collections. Participating artists are: Rob Evans, Quang Ho, Carol Oldenburg, Sue Reno, Justin Ruby, Dillon Samuelson, Clifton Santiago, Andi Simpson, Adrienne Stein, Rita Whitney, and Brenda Wintermyer.

November Pawpaw, by Sue Reno
November Pawpaw

My work in the Artist in Residence event was November Pawpaw, from the private collection of artist and curator Rob Evans.