April 11, 2021

New Work - Dew Point

Dew Point, by Sue Reno
Dew Point
I am excited to share with you my latest work, Dew Point
Dew Point by Sue Reno, detail 1
Dew Point, detail 1

Dew point is a meteorological term denoting the atmospheric temperature, varying according to pressure and humidity, below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form. I made these wet process/solar dye prints of tall blue lettuce and Japanese knotweed in high summer, when the dew point was indicative of the oppressive heat and humidity. The lettuce is a native wildflower, and the knotweed is a noxious invasive plant. I liked the contrast between their differing leaf forms. 

Dew Point by Sue Reno, detail 2
Dew Point, detail 2
Dew Point is 57" high x 55" wide.
Dew Point by Sue Reno, detail 3
Dew Point, detail 3

The panels are stitched to show the leaf veining, then heavily quilted with a pebble stitch. The patchwork is comprised of silks and cottons, with some bits of prints from previous works incorporated. 
Dew Point by Sue Reno, detail 4
Dew Point, detail 4

I am pleased and honored to announce that Dew Point has been juried into Out of the Funk, a Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh exhibit. It will be held at the Erma Freeman Center for Imagination in Pittsburgh, PA, from May 7 - 23, 2021. The juror is Bruce Hoffman. There will be an opening night event on May 7th, and artist talks on the 23rd. Bruce Hoffman will present an online lecture on April 22, which is free for Guild members and only $5 for guests; you can sign up here.